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NYSDriverRecord.com by ICU, a New York based information service, has provided New York State Driver License Records for Individuals and Businesses since 1999.
NYSDriverRecord.com was the first, and the original, online e-mail service provider of New York State Driving Records. We remain one of the most reliable, accurate, and DMV Approved online record search service providers.

You can request, and receive, an e-mailed "Personal Electronic Copy" of current NYS Driver Record information on
line. NYSDriverRecord.com has direct access to the New York State Driver Records DMV Database and can provide you with an electronic personal copy of a NYS Driving Record within 24 Hours*.   

NYSDriverRecord.com service is an online provider of NYS Driver License Records that obtains information through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Data Base DIRECTLY, not through a third party. We also do not sell any Driver Information and/or Driver Record Information.

NYSDriverRecord.com, by ICU, is an Independent Information Service Provider and is not acting on behalf of, or as an agent of the NYS DMV. By viewing this website and/or submitting any NYS Driver License Record Search Orders, the site visitor agrees to acknowledge and comply with the following Federal Privacy Law (click link below to view):

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Check Your NYS Driver License Record, before they do...

Why Should I Check My NYS Driver Record ??

  • CHECK for ERRORS and/or Identity Theft on your DMV Driving Record.
  • Confirm if past Tickets, Accidents, or Violations have been removed from your record. With a clean Driver Record, auto insurance costs can be lowered.
  • A person can be driving with a "Suspended"  or "Revoked" Drivers License, due to Accumilated Penalty Points, Unpaid Tickets, Unpaid Child Support, Non Insurance or License Renewal, and may not even know it.
  • Did you get the credit for taking the Defensive Driving Course? 
  • Most Individuals should check their Driving Record twice a year. Also before purchasing a new car or requesting auto insurance quotes.

Why Should I Check My Employee's Driver Record ??

  • LIABILITY !!  As soon as an Employee or any driver operates a Company Vehicle, the Company can be held responsible for the Driver's actions.
  • Verify Job Applicant Identity and Check License Classes (ex: CDL, Chauffeur, Restrictions, Endorsements).
  • If the Company fails to inquire the "Status" of the employee's Driver's License or hires an individual to drive a Company Car or Truck without the proper Class License or Valid License, the liability can be on the Company.
  • Most Companies Check their Employees's Driving Records on a Quarterly Basis for D.O.T. and to avoid any potential damages or lawsuits.

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*24 Hour Record Results are available Mon-Thurs if received between normal business hours (9am-5pm E.S.T.) 

*Allow up to 48+ Hours Record Results for after hours, and Fri-Sat-Sun/Holiday orders.

*For Online Security & Privacy purposes; Driver Record Results will only contain the "last three digits" of the Motorist I.D. # along with the current Driving Record. 

Due to internal search processing costs, there are No Refunds, for orders submitted with incorrect or inadequate New York State driver information.

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